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Step into this newly transformed law office found in Bloomfield Hills, MI where we swapped what was once dull and uninspiring, for an air of sophistication. Gone are the sterile white walls and fluorescent lights, replaced instead by a palette of deep, sultry hues and dramatic lighting that instantly sets the tone for community, as well as legal expertise .

After years of remote work in the wake of the pandemic, the partners of this firm were determined to create an office space that would entice their team members back into the fold, inspiring a renewed sense of enthusiasm and collaboration. Our mission was clear, and we created a plan to accomplish just that. 

Drawing inspiration from the beloved live plants found throughout the office, we built and installed two custom planter boxes to hold lush greenery and natural materials. Adding custom slat walls strategically placed throughout the two levels brought character and style while creating a cohesive feel.

Layering in warm tones, plush fabrics, interesting art, and lighting, we created comfortable seating arrangements and flexible workstations allowing for seamless transitions between individual focus and group collaboration. With a sprinkle of fun, our neon "Get Back to Work" sign represents the playful tone of the team. 

The office now offers an inviting spaces where colleagues could gather to brainstorm ideas or simply connect over a cup of coffee. 

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