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When these homeowners came to us, they expressed that they loved where they lived, but didn't love the house they lived in- it just didn't feel like home. They had invested

in creating an outdoor space to enjoy, but hadn't touched the interior.

To them, it felt like someone else's house. So we began the process by 

diving into what matters most to them, what they love, what activities they enjoy, and started to build a design that not only suited them and their lifestyle,

but reflected their style and personality. You'll find touches of three things they love most throughout their home- hiking, the beach, and their sweet black lab, Casey.

(side note: Casey and I became besties over the course of the project- see photos at the end)

This remodel focused on the first floor including the living room, entry, staircase, half bath, family room and kitchen. We sanded and stained all the hardwood floors, painted everything, added custom built-in's, re-built the fireplace in the living room with beautiful stone, painted and tiled the fireplace in the family room, refinished the kitchen cabinets adding new hardware,  countertops and tile, and topped it off with all new lighting and furnishings. As you can see in the images below, nothing in these spaces stayed the same! We stripped it down and highlighted the true beauty of their home, bringing in elements that invite you to relax, and promotes feeling of peace, warmth and calm.

For this sweet family and their lovable pup, it finally feels like home. 

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